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Anneka Robeyns (1995) is a painter, illustrator and comic artist based in Brussels, Belgium. 

She completed an MA in Western Literature at KU Leuven (2018), and graduated top of her class from the BA Graphic Storytelling at LUCA School of Arts (2021). 

Her hand painted stories showcase a timeless celebration of everyday life, biracial identity and language.

Currently she is working on her first graphic novel 'Gebroken Nederlands'.







About me

Awards & residencies

In 2021 she won the Knalgele Kubus Trofee, presented by the Marc Sleen museum. 

In 2022 she attended the Knalgele Kubus residency to work on her projects. 

In 2023 she had the honor of becoming one of twenty VOCATIO Laureates.

Let's get in touch! 

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